Version Releases

Important notes:

1. Deprecating marketplaces:
We will not be recreating current implementation of marketplaces in v2.x. Our focus in the near-term is on improving support for multi-shop orchestration tools, for merchants who have multiple properties or sales channels.

2. Support for v1.x:
We are currently not supporting Reaction v1.x and are no longer accepting community pull requests for v1.x branches. We will continue to resolve major security issues in v1.17 only until June 2019.

You can find more details in this blog announcement.


Example Storefront

  • Server-side rendering by default

    A modern stack including Next.js, Apollo, React and Material UI for fully server-side rendered (SSR) pages.

  • Event Tracking & Analytics

    Third-party analytics provider support, including Segment for ecommerce tracking events.

GraphQL Dev Server

  • Checkout and Order Endpoints

    GraphQL endpoints for Checkout and Orders

Authentication Service

  • Single sign-on

    Universal login and authorization with a Reaction OAuth and OpenID Connect provider

Component Library

  • Storefront Client

    React Components for Product Detail Page, Product Grid, Cart, Checkout, and Customer Account Profiles

  • Automated Component Testing

    Snapshot testing for React components.

  • Automated Continuous Deployment

    Staging deployments and NPM semantic releases automatically built and deployed with every commit


GraphQL Dev Server

  • Checkout and Order Endpoints

    GraphQL Endpoints for Checkout and Orders


  • GraphQL API

    Use GraphQL endpoints in place of DDP Subscriptions for Product Grid and PDP

  • Testing

    End-to-end and acceptance testing.

  • Continuous deployment

    Staging branch built and deployed with every commit to a release branch

  • Keep up with the latest pre-release branch

    Many refactors and fixes for the app, detailed in the pre-release pull request.


GraphQL Dev Server

  • More endpoints

    GraphQL Endpoints for Cart, Catalog, Products, Tags, and Accounts with improved pagination


  • Simplifying Reaction

    Move optional packages out of the core product, for a slimmer, faster Reaction.

  • Deploy to Heroku

    Deploy an instance of Reaction with the click of a button.

  • Serve Assets from CDN

    Option to serve bundled CSS and JS from a CDN out of the box.

  • And more

    Robots.txt files, bundle size reporting for releases and more. Read the full release notes for more.

  • Remove legacy revision control

    Improve product grid performance and simplify publication logic by removing the legacy revision control system.

  • Meteor 1.7

    Upgrade to the latest Meteor release.

  • Introducing the GraphQL Dev Server

    Run a pure Node server for GraphQL development, without involving Meteor.

  • Major changes to Catalog and Pricing

    The GraphQL Catalog and Reaction Catalog collection now use a new, better schema, and also introduce a new Pricing object. Read the release notes for more details.

  • More GraphQL API endpoints

    Mutations, queries and resolvers for addresses, roles, currencies and more.

  • Snyk security

    Add continuous integration tests for security vulnerabilities with Snyk. Read the changelog for more.

  • New GraphQL endpoint

    Start GraphQL and GraphiQL API with endpoints for viewers and accounts

  • Jest testing

    Introduce Jest specs and patterns to test GraphQL resolvers, schemas and more. Read the changelog for details.

  • Introducing the Catalog

    A faster, slimmer Catalog for storefront viewing. Read the changelog for more.

  • Docker & Circle CI

    Use CircleCI workflows to run automated tests and update Docker to support multi-stage builds.

  • Update and dynamically load modules

    Load certain modules dynamically for faster startup speeds, along with removing or replacing large dependencies like ImageMagick.

  • Babel 7

    Babel 7, part of the Meteor 1.6.1 upgrade, brings possible breaking changes along with other changes in this release, detailed in the changelog.

  • Code linting

    Enforce and establish new code rules for consistency and quality, across all Reaction applications.

  • Meteor 1.6

    Enhanced developer tools including native debugging with breakpoints and Chrome DevTools.

  • Node 8

    Faster V8 engine speeds.

  • Multi-tenant Marketplace

    Onboard and manage multiple branded shops in a multi-tenant marketplace.

  • Marketplace Merchants

    Enable and manage multiple merchants or vendors in a single marketplace with split order fulfillment and payment processing.

  • Stripe Connect

    Stripe Connect payments for Marketplaces.

  • Advanced Permissions

    Create and modify groups, roles, and permission sets at a granular level.

  • Bulk Order Management

    Change status and process multiple orders.

  • One Step Checkout

    Simple one step cart and checkout experience.

  • Drag & Drop Merchandising and Product Management

    Arrange order of product's and its variants in your shop with drag and drop. Clone product variants, manage product options (eg. size/color), related product photos. Edit fields inline.

  • Product Publishing Workflow

    Publishing and approval workflow based on revisions and roles.

  • Accounts & User Management

    Invite users and grant permissions. User authentication with account profile page, global address book and order history for users.

  • Inventory

    Manage product variant line item inventory reservations.

  • Search

    Search and filtering for products, orders, accounts, plus search APIs.

  • Stripe Payments

    Use Stripe for accepting payments.

  • Taxes

    Custom tax rate management.

  • Flat Rate Shipping

    Ship your products around the globe.

  • Backorders

    Shoppers can purchase products even when quantity runs out.

  • Tag Taxonomy

    Uses recursive tag taxonomy for categorization.

  • Email Configuration & Templates

    Configuration for over 40+ SMTP and email service providers. Manage and edit email templates for your shop.

  • Social Media integration

    Integrated custom product social media messaging (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram).

  • i18n and l10n

    Internationalization and localization to translate and localize all content for the world.

  • RTL Localization

    Right-to-left language support.

  • Multi-Currency Support

    Support for additional currencies beyond US Dollars with auto locale conversion.

  • Docker Ready

    Build, ship and run Reaction containers anywhere.

  • Integration tests

    End to end integration testing of Reaction and packages for a better codebase.

  • Mobile friendly

    Optimized experience for all mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

  • Babel and ES6

    Refactor to ES6, plus package and architecture changes

  • Windows friendly

    Cross platform development environment with Linux, OS X, and Windows support.