We’re unlike any other. Reaction Commerce is open source, easy to use, and 100% customizable.

For the curious and the creative.

  • Brands & Retailers

    Tailor our flexible solution around your specific business goals and needs.

  • Agencies & Studios

    Build client projects that stand out. Learn more about our Partner Program.

  • Developers & Designers

    Build complex user experiences quickly with the full React ecosystem and our component library.

Flexible & Adaptable

You always have full access to the open source Reaction codebase. Customize and sell anything, from digital subscriptions to in-person rentals. Open a single shop with one or more merchants, or run your own marketplace. Rapidly integrate new functionality using thousands of open source packages.

  • Product & Variant Management

    Manage your catalog with an intuitive product editor, merchandising tools, and a sophisticated publishing workflow. Reaction uses a NoSQL database with a flexible product schema, enabling infinite variations to the product structure.

  • Inventory Management

    Track your inventory state, e.g. backordered, reserved, and shipped, with our simple inventory system. For more complex fulfillment requirements, extend or replace with your own custom workflows.

  • Multiple Product Images

    Add multiple images for your products and variants.

  • Universal Tags

    Our dynamic tag taxonomy lets you organize products into a structured hierarchy, making it easy to build your navigation. Tags also allow you to create search indexes, categories, and links based on an infinite number of attributes, such as type, season, and sale.

  • Order Management

    Process orders, capture payments, and send shipping info—all from a single page. Easily build integrations to external fulfillment, or use one of our existing connectors to integrate with popular platforms.

  • Customer Profiles

    Customizable profile pages provide convenient user preference management and order tracking.

  • One Step Checkout

    Single page checkout flow supporting anonymous, guest and user registration.

  • Transactional Email Templates

    Design every aspect of your emails, from the layout to the messaging.

  • Notifications

    Enable email and text notifications for both merchants and customers.

  • Search

    Search orders, products, or accounts. For more advanced requirements, easily extend or replace with other solutions, such as ElasticSearch.

  • Authentication Services

    Authenticate users with built-in support for Facebook, Twitter, Google and Instagram. Easily add additional authentication services like LDAP and OAuth.

  • Checkout

    Present an optimized one step checkout and modify the workflow for your specific requirements.

  • Payment Methods

    Choose one of our integrated payment providers or roll your own. Built-in support includes Stripe, Stripe Connect, PayPal PayFlow & Express, Braintree, and Authorize.net.

  • Automatic Taxes

    Create custom flat rate taxes or calculate taxes using our integrated tax services, Avalara and TaxCloud.

  • Discounts & Promotions

    Create discount codes and rates to reward and incentivize your customers.

  • Flexible Shipping Rates

    Set up dynamic shipping rates based on location and weight, or offer a flat rate. Our integration with Shippo makes shipping a breeze.

  • Themes

    Build a customized user experience with an extensive core library of modifiable React components.

  • Open Ecosystem

    Rapidly integrate new functionality using thousands of open source packages.

  • Internationalization

    Localize your shop with language translations, currency conversions, and right-to-left templates.

  • Mobile Commerce

    Get mobile-ready. Reaction is out-of-the-box responsive and can also be configured to build as a native iOS or Android app.

There’s more! Check out our features & roadmap.

The future is real-time.

Reaction is built using real-time, event-driven technology. This means that updates can appear right away, without a single page reload, in your shop and on your dashboard.