Get ahead of
the enterprise
commerce curve.

Now you can move ahead of the masses, and take back full control of your commerce growth.

Why choose Reaction?

Because tomorrow’s most successful merchants will be those who start adapting to rapid change today. Our open, extendable platform lets you innovate faster and take back control of your commerce destiny—so you’ll never have to migrate again.

With Reaction Commerce, you can:

  • Create more powerful shopper experiences
  • Take total control of your roadmap & strategy
  • Get better data with real-time technology
Shopper Experience

Engage and delight
your customers.

Your customers expect the most engaging experience when interacting with your brand, whether in-store, online, or mobile. Reaction’s headless commerce platform allows you to innovate and experiment with your customer-facing frontend, without having to constantly re-engineer your backend to match.

Stand out from the crowd

by quickly and easily implementing your boldest ideas to convert shoppers into buyers—and keep them coming back.

Meet your shoppers where they are

with integrated systems that easily connect your online and in-store transactions.

Add new payment methods

like Apple Pay®, or experiment with other emerging technologies to deliver features your customers demand.

Extend your business model

to give consumers new purchasing options like subscriptions, rentals, or endless aisle.

Be as local or as global as you need

with support for different languages, currencies, and taxes; format left-right or right-left; easily adapt to regional commerce needs.

Total Control

Evolve your business without limits.

Fragmented systems and outdated technologies stifle your ability to innovate. But the modular, microservice-based Reaction platform is completely customizable, adaptable, and extendable—putting you back in control of your strategy and roadmap.

Essential commerce capabilities.

Our open core codebase comes with a complete set of commerce features right out of the box—including order management, inventory management, product pricing, merchandising, customer profiles, shipping, search, cart, and checkout.

For enterprise retailers who need robust admin and operator workflows, Reaction offers enhanced capabilities such as improved product search with ElasticSearch, a dedicated price engine to manage complex pricing, advanced routing for URL rewrites/redirects, and more.

Advanced customization.

Want to replace existing features or add something new? There is no limit to the customizations that Reaction enables. You can customize or extend anything and everything, including payment modules, frontend CMS, and any other feature or functionality.

With Reaction, you have the flexibility to support new initiatives and business models—like B2B, international, or multi-shop—without changing the core system.

Endless integration.

Connected enterprise systems allow you to better manage, track, and analyze your products, customers, orders, and inventory. Reaction’s open API and vetted plugins easily integrate with your preferred ERPs, analytics, inventory, payment and fulfillment systems, and more.

Enterprise-ready hosting and infrastructure.

Focus on growing your business and leave the worries of DevOps and hosting to us. Our managed commerce platform is powered by leading enterprise-scale infrastructure technologies like Kubernetes, Docker, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Real-time Tech

Respond to market
needs faster.

Reaction deploys the most up-to-date, battle-tested tools and frameworks—our highly performant GraphQL API-driven architecture delivers real-time data across your business, allowing you to make decisions and change directions faster than ever before.

By 2020, event-sourced, real-time situational awareness will be a required characteristic for 80% of digital business solutions, and 80% of new business ecosystems will require support for event processing.

- Gartner Research

Manage your business in real time.

Reaction is the first event-driven commerce platform that offers analytics, merchandising, and promotional applications, all designed to help convert visitors to shoppers—all in real time.

  • Track every shopper event
    for a single source of truth across products, inventory, customer data.
  • Keep accurate inventory
    across channels—no more unexpected backorders.
  • Leverage real-time data streams
    for analytics and personalization.
  • Improve customer experience
    and increase conversions.
By 2020, event-sourced, real-time situational awareness will be a required characteristic for 80% of digital business solutions, and 80% of new business ecosystems will require support for event processing.

- Gartner Research

Stay fast, no matter how big you get.

Reaction Commerce is a tested, proven, secure platform that’s built for speed and performance in complex and high-volume setups.

  • Deploy and scale applications independently
    by scaling up or down resources for the storefront, your backend, or other applications, depending on traffic patterns.
  • Gain dramatic improvements in page load times
    with full-page caching and server-side rendering (SSR) out of the box—as low as tens of milliseconds in test environments.
  • Enjoy a secure, stable core platform
    thanks to a global ecosystem of developers and partners.
  • Experience overall performance improvements
    for customers, operators, and developers with our GraphQL API and Reference Storefront on Next.js.

Access global, unlimited innovation.

Attract and retain technical expertise with leading tools and frameworks. Tap into a global network of top developer talent and leading technology partnerships to support your ambitions, scale, and growth.

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