Connecting the world through commerce.

Reaction Commerce is the most popular open source, real-time platform that combines the flexibility developers and designers want with the stability and support businesses need.

We’re built for change.

Ecommerce is young and growing everyday. We know. We’ve spent decades building shops on platforms that we outgrew or broke all together. We needed a platform that could evolve with the industry. So we built one that not only reacts to change, but inspires it.

1 Technology

A 21st-century stack.

Reaction Commerce is a fast, scalable, real-time reactive, and open source Node commerce platform. It plays nicely with npm, Docker and React.

2 Data

Analytics with a purpose.

Create personal experiences for each user with real-time analytics. Merchandise based on location, weather, market trends, and other data points.

3 Quality

A developer’s playground.

We’re built on quality code and detailed documentation. Our dev process is continuous, test-driven, and with an active community of over members, we’re one of the top open source commerce projects on GitHub.

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4 Customization

Stand out from the crowd.

Your brand is unique. That’s why we built our codebase to be as modular as possible, so anything can be extended, overwritten, or installed as a package. Develop, scale, and customize absolutely everything.

5 Support

Real support. In real-time.

Our support team is made up of actual human beings who respond quickly and know the platform inside and out. Don’t believe us? View our live support channel.

Ready for Reaction?

Great, now let’s make sure we’re ready for you. Right now, we’re looking for a specific type of business partner. If this sounds like you, please get in touch.

  • You’re a high volume ecommerce business.
  • You have a tech-first mentality.
  • You want a completely customizable commerce experience.
  • You want to attract best-in-class engineers.
  • You’re willing to invest in your future.
  • You believe that actionable data is the backbone to business.

Get up and running

Learn more about a new approach to commerce. To kick things off, we’ll run you through a preview of the platform.